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Some people behind Angel Wings.

The sewers, the cutters, the dress collectors, to the delivery of our beautiful dresses.
Marilyn Nielson

Marilyn along with Sandy Crider, had seen a news segment on the group, NICU Helping Hands, in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, inspired by that, she thought about how she could do something similar but on a local level. She didn't sew herself, so she asked a friend, (Barbara Carpenter), if she knew some people who could sew and the wheels were in motion. Marilyn is the Hospital Liaison to deliver all of the beautiful angel gowns we make for grieving families. She helps all of the seamstresses by supplying everything from scissors and ribbon to thread and patterns. You will find Marilyn helping out all the newbies at every one of our Angel Day Sewing sessions.

In Memory of Sandy Crider

When Sandy first saw the NICU Helping Hands group in Ft. Worth on the news it touched her heart and made her want to have one here in Lakeway.  She started talking to people and found Marilyn Neilson & Barbara Carpenter who could really help get the idea into motion. It has since exploded with volunteers from all over Austin. Sandy assisted the group in finding more seamstresses and would cut patterns in her free time. 

Tara Shaw

Tara loves all things crafty, and when she isn't in the yard, cooking up a storm or playing with her cute puppies, she is making beautiful angel gowns! She might be a little obsessed, having made over a thousand in two years! Having founded a non-profit organization to help women protect themselves from violence and giving away over 10,000 pepper sprays, Tara has fallen in love with our organization and is excited to be helping out. She also collects all the dresses you donate in the South Austin area of Circle C. A huge thank you to the Circle C community for helping out our Angel Wings organization!

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